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organized chaos with vilah bloom

if you’ve been reading for awhile then you know by now that i work full time outside of the home, blog (obvs.), am a #bossbabe with a side hustle, likely {/used to} have a social life, and most importantly am a wife and a mother to two little guys.  life is complete chaos you guys.  like the best kind of crazy – just completely cray!  sometimes i wonder how the heck i manage to keep it all straight.  then remember: it’s a lot of coffee, a planner, my husband, and now… this bag!  guys – it’s a diaper bag.  a diaper bag!

i titled this post organized chaos with vilah bloom but it’s more like vilah boom!  this bag has it going on.  i’ve never felt so chic carrying diapers, boogie wipes and bottles before now.  the café crossover has now replaced my mega-bag purse as my go-to monday through friday.

what i love about it is that it literally does it all – organizes my work and baby stuffs, straps onto the stroller, looks like a purse and can be carried like a backpack.  in fact it can be carried four different ways and even has a handy {hidden} wipe pocket on the front so that i don’t have to dig through the bag itself.

i work on a campus in a highly confidential position.  on the daily i’m carting files and making my way from building to building for meetings before scrambling to the car for that 5 pm daycare pick up.  at our center, aside from milk we are encouraged to leave diaper bags at home and to stock necessities there.  ok, no problem.  but, that means that if we are meeting daddy for dinner or running an errand i’m often up a creek with a fussy toddler and a blown out babe.

with my new vilah bloom café crossover i am now ready to take on that right-after-work mom duty with assurance and without fumbling through a single compartment bag.  and at work i can confidently talk employee performance without anyone being the wiser that behind my laptop and employee files is a size 2 diaper and a ziplock of goldfish – #momboss.

so classic, so black, so versatile, so much better in person!  this bag keeps my sh!t in its place and makes me feel like i’ve got it together.  the classic black color is a match for my work wardrobe and its gold accents make it the most luxurious bag i’ve owned since becoming a mommy.

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