Douglas House of Love

"From one mom to another, I am ecstatic to share one of our recent reviews from Douglas House of Love. As the designer of this bag, it was my every intention to create a stylish, wipe clean design that can be worn multiple ways for hands- free parenting! Douglas House of Love seamlessly took my design efforts and put them into words when describing the Cafe Crossover. All of us here at Vilah Bloom are thrilled to share her review but above all, we hope that you feel the same as Douglas House of Love!"

                                                       - xo Jackie/ VB Founder

Douglas House of Love Review:

Diaper bags. A necessity for every mom.

I’m so excited to share my new obsession with you. As Anaís gets older, I’m finding less of a need for a traditional diaper bag and more of a need for one that doubles as a functional, and fashionable purse. Let’s be honest, I don’t carry around a diaper bag and a purse, my hands are already filled with a giggly, ticklish 14-month-old. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day when I came across a diaper bag company called Vilah Bloom. As I perused their feed I was surprised to find their diaper bags were stylish. My old diaper bag was boring, and could only be worn one way, like an old-fashioned purse. It wasn’t entirely functional and was too bulky. However, the bags that Vilah Bloom advertised, could be worn multiple ways and came in six different styles: The Dockside Tote, The Harbor Side Tote, The M.O.T.G Convertible Backpack, The Sail Away Satchel, and my favorite The Cafe Collection. I own the Café Crossover in Whipped Coconut. This beautiful, functional bag can be worn in four different ways: Crossbody, Shoulder, Backpack, and it comes with two built-in stroller clips. I’m a huge fan of backpack and crossbody. It’s funny because when I pulled out the straps and threw it onto my back, my husband goes “babe, that’s a good lookin’ bag! I didn’t know diaper bags can be worn like that”

While on-the-go we always need to carry diapers, wipes, sunscreen, a change of clothing, snacks, a few toys, a sippy cup, chapstick, my cellphone, and my cards. It’s lovely having them all tucked away in their own individual pockets. But wait, there’s more! Remember how I told you the bag could be worn four different ways? There are tuck-away pockets to hide the straps you aren’t currently using! There are pockets for your small items, pockets for your large items, and each pocket has a purpose. For example, there’s a front pocket specifically meant for wipes. You don’t even need to take the wipes out of the bag! You just lift the flap and pull out the wipes as needed (they even include a container to store your wipes).

This bag is everything a diaper bag should be. The exterior is fashionable and made of faux vegan leather, the interior is an elegant blush that is water resistant, there’s a matching plush changing pad, and insulated pockets to keep juice cold or milk warm. It can be worn multiple ways so your hands are always free, and most importantly it’s free of PVC, BPA, and Phthalates. The Café Crossover even comes with an exclusive Vilah Bloom Tassel, and the entire bag is detailed with gold, metal accents! A sturdy, beautiful, and functional diaper bag is a must-have! To read more about the Café Crossover and other diaper bags, check out Vilah Bloom!

Love, A happy, organized mom!

July 10, 2018 — AppsLabz Solutions Collaborator