Vilah Bloom was born out of the necessity to provide modern, on the go moms a chic and truly functional alternative to the diaper bag. Designer and founder Jackelynn Garrett wanted to put a new spin on the traditional diaper bag by reinventing the popular coined phrase, “fashion meets function”. In doing so, a stylish diaper bag that dispenses wet wipes was created.

“After countless trips of forgetting my wet wipes and being less then prepared when little messes occurred with my own kiddos, I became bound and determined to design a diaper bag that fused fashion and function to help prepare parents (new and experienced) for their life’s little messes. I wanted the bags to be functional, lightweight and allow easy one handed access to wipes at all times. The bags had to dispense wipes out of a hidden compartment as to not lose their sense of chic-ness. My hope is that Vilah Bloom will cater towards those fashionable minded moms who don’t want to give up their sense of style for true function as a parent. ” – Jackie Garrett

Jackelynn and her husband Travis currently reside in Northern Michigan with their two beautiful daughters Vilah and Monroe…and their one proud pooch Oscar.