Calling all Germaphobes!

Spring colds are the worst and lets face it, our kids are exposed to thousands of germs daily! Whether you're at home or in the grocery store it is a fact that infants and toddlers explore by putting objects in their...MOUTH!! Yuck! As a parent I'm constantly grabbing my antibacterial wipes or searching for the nearest restroom so that they can wash their hands while singing the ABC's through once...if not twice to be sure all those icky germs are washed down the drain!

So, how do we avoid these ickies? Well the truth is, germs are pretty much unavoidable. However, as a parent you can take preventative measures that will help your family keep spring colds at bay. 


Here are a few tips...

  • Wash hands with Soap & Water whenever possible: build this into a child's routine after each restroom visit and before every meal.
  • Encourage kids to keep their hands OUT of their eyes, nose and mouth! We had a thumb sucker in our family and with a little extra encouragement and a glorious incentive jar we kicked that habit to the curb! Check out for a tutorial and template to make your own "good job" jar.
  • Be armed and ready with antibacterial wipes or some sort or disinfectant that allows you to wipe down grocery cart handles as well as your own hands.  We personally carry sanitizing wipes in our VB bags now that our kids are out of diapers.
  • Choose kid friendly sanitizers- we like The Honest Co. Hand Sanitizer (spray or gel). Visit ...wish they had sanitizing wipes!!

Good luck and Stay Clean!

April 29, 2014 — Jackie Garrett