I love this picture for it's simplicity.  A sweet moment captured in time. Life doesn't get much better than this!

Harbor Side Tote in Nantucket Navy

As a mom, your time is precious! You like to be prepared and when you're not, well...it can throw off your whole day. Let's be honest, we've all dumped out the entire contents of our bag in search of that "one" bauble! Or perhaps, you've had to spit shine your kid's face because there's not a wet wipe in sight!  Help save time, effort and energy with a Vilah Bloom Bag! Nope, not your typical diaper bag.  In fact, the built-in dispensing wipe system comes in handy through diapering days and beyond! Psssssst- salty pretzel face up there!

After all, we love preparing you for you're Life's Little Messes!  

Stay Clean!

April 26, 2014 — Jackie Garrett