Darling Duck

Darling Duck

Walking the boardwalk with my daughters in Duck, OBX
At the beginning of my husband's summer break, we took a trip to North Carolina's Outer Banks to visit my dad. What a gorgeous area as a whole.  There is SO much to do and it's very family friendly! From the wild horses that roam Corolla's beaches to hand gliding near Kitty Hawk, there's always something adventurous waiting to be explored.
Duck, OBX was one of my favorite places for it's gorgeous homes and beautiful boardwalk shopping. Many of the homes in Duck are built for rentals but who can resist cedar shakes and white picket fences? Hook, line and sinker for me!  
Wild Horses on Corolla's beaches

Monroe poses with our Harbor Side Tote in Nantucket Navy
Wild Horse walking in front of parked car near Corolla, NC
Could you imagine this being your driveway?

What a beautiful vacation!
July 10, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

Wonderful Wednesday Sale!

A perfect gift for the expecting mom! 
July 09, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

Black & White

Nothing more classy than black & white! I can't get enough of this Houndstooth print! 
                                       Coming Fall 2014!
Thank you to Revolution Bike & Boards in Charlevoix, MI for lending us their beautiful, antique Peugeot bike you see here! Thanks again Chet!! 
Visit Revolution Bike & Boards: http://revolutionbandb.webs.com
July 08, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

Wonderful Wednesday SALE! 40% off!

40% off our Harbor Side Tote in Little Black Dress
Enter Promo Code: LBD
June 18, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

Happy Blooms to You!

Poppy Days...

Poppies, fields and fields of poppies! They truly are a happy flower if you can get them to grow :) We love poppies for their bold color, delicate touch and lengthy stems.

Our playful Poppy Days Print is the perfect Spring/Summer addition that will compliment just about any warm weather attire. Whether you're wearing jeans and a white tank or your new spring dress, this print is sure to make you and others smile.  You'll be one happy momma!

Cottage Clutch in Poppy Days


Looking for cheer throughout your home but don't have a green thumb? Try these DIY Poppy Paper Blooms (say that 3x). They're super easy and kids love to help!

http://smallforbig.com/2013/07/diy-poppy-art.html  for a tutorial.




May 15, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

Mother's Day Brag Book

Here's a chic alternative to your typical brag book.  Accordion style with a twist! This one is from Nalleshouse.com and it's as unique as the pictures inside.  Make one or more this year for the lovely ladies in your life. Gramma's will adore this and the opportunity to brag about their littles. And look at how brilliantly the book matches our Nantucket Navy bags!
May 06, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

Mother's Day Sale!

We love our moms! Give them the gift of style & function this year with a Vilah Bloom bag!
Shop the Harbor Side Tote for mom's everyday bag, it will fit every last bauble. 
The Cottage clutch is perfect for the "on-the-go" mom. Pair them together for a perfect balance.
Happy gifting and stay clean!
May 01, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

Mother's Day is May 11th!

Mother's Day is quickly approaching but there's plenty of time to craft something unique and beautiful for that special women in your life!

Surprise mom with this DIY cup! Laurenconrad.com for a tutorial.

 I have always been an "add-on" gift giver as my husband calls it.  Personally, I like to call it "accessorizing" my gifts! A crafted cup (made with love) could be paired with her favorite bag of coffee or perhaps she's a tea drinker? Of course no present is complete without a card! You can make your own or shop for beautiful paper art in your local boutiques or online. Doesn't this "heart of gold" card complete her gift!? Love!






Happy crafting and Stay Clean!

May 01, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

Dirty Facts!

Calling all Germaphobes!

Spring colds are the worst and lets face it, our kids are exposed to thousands of germs daily! Whether you're at home or in the grocery store it is a fact that infants and toddlers explore by putting objects in their...MOUTH!! Yuck! As a parent I'm constantly grabbing my antibacterial wipes or searching for the nearest restroom so that they can wash their hands while singing the ABC's through once...if not twice to be sure all those icky germs are washed down the drain!

So, how do we avoid these ickies? Well the truth is, germs are pretty much unavoidable. However, as a parent you can take preventative measures that will help your family keep spring colds at bay. 


Here are a few tips...

  • Wash hands with Soap & Water whenever possible: build this into a child's routine after each restroom visit and before every meal.
  • Encourage kids to keep their hands OUT of their eyes, nose and mouth! We had a thumb sucker in our family and with a little extra encouragement and a glorious incentive jar we kicked that habit to the curb! Check out www.lilblueboo.com for a tutorial and template to make your own "good job" jar.
  • Be armed and ready with antibacterial wipes or some sort or disinfectant that allows you to wipe down grocery cart handles as well as your own hands.  We personally carry sanitizing wipes in our VB bags now that our kids are out of diapers.
  • Choose kid friendly sanitizers- we like The Honest Co. Hand Sanitizer (spray or gel). Visit www.honest.com ...wish they had sanitizing wipes!!

Good luck and Stay Clean!

April 29, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

Life with Kids

I love this picture for it's simplicity.  A sweet moment captured in time. Life doesn't get much better than this!

Harbor Side Tote in Nantucket Navy

As a mom, your time is precious! You like to be prepared and when you're not, well...it can throw off your whole day. Let's be honest, we've all dumped out the entire contents of our bag in search of that "one" bauble! Or perhaps, you've had to spit shine your kid's face because there's not a wet wipe in sight!  Help save time, effort and energy with a Vilah Bloom Bag! Nope, not your typical diaper bag.  In fact, the built-in dispensing wipe system comes in handy through diapering days and beyond! Psssssst- salty pretzel face up there!

After all, we love preparing you for you're Life's Little Messes!  

Stay Clean!

April 26, 2014 — Jackie Garrett

2014, The year of the Bloom

 Vilah Bloom is blooming with much excitement! After 3 years of creative design concept and research, we are happy to announce our Spring 2014 launch. With much anticipation from both our company and gracious followers, Vilah Bloom bags are now available online and at select retail stores nationwide.  Please stay tuned for a list of retailers near you.

So, where does the "Bloom" in "Vilah Bloom" come from? A lot of people have guessed that it's our daughter Vilah's middle name. Actually, while constructing our brand name Jackie was looking at an old photograph of herself as a child picking beautiful white blooms of wildflowers at her grandparent's Lake Charlevoix home. The picture resembled Vilah so much that Jackie couldn't get the words "Vilah" and "Bloom" out of her head.  It was then that she knew "Vilah Bloom" was meant to be.

Oh ya, our daughter Vilah's middle name is Paige.

Below, Jackie picking blooms of white- 1983




April 07, 2014 — Jackie Garrett